Air Pilots Manual

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سری هفت جلدی کتاب های Air Pilots Manual
محصول کمپانی Pooley
سیلابس بر مبنای EASA Part-FCL

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قطع A5
صحافی چسب گرم
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Volume 1 - Flying Training
Aircraft Familiarisation
Before and After Flight
Air Experience
The Controls
Taxiing an Aeroplane
Straight and Level
Stalling and Slow Flight
Standard Take-Off and Climb to Downwind Leg
Circuits, Approaches and Landings
First Solo
Advanced Turning
The Forced Landing Without Power
Precautionary Landings
Pilot Navigation
Instrument Flying

Volume 2 - Air Law & Meteorology
Air Law

Volume 3 - Navigation
Basic Navigation Theory
Pre-Flight Planning
En-Route Navigation
En-Route Navigation with Radio Navigation Aids “Navaids”

Volume 4 - The Aeroplane-Technical
Principles of Flight
Airframe, Engines and Systems
Flight Instruments
Airworthiness, Flight Performance and Planning
Aircraft (Type) - Aeroplanes

Volume 5 - Radio Navigation & Instrument Flying
Instrument Flying Techniques
Radio Navigation Aids
Instrument Procedures
Night Flying

Volume 6 - Human Performance & Limitations and Operational Procedures
Human Performance and Limitations
Safety, First Aid and Survival

Volume 7 - Communications
Learning the Language
Flying Further
When Things Go Wron
Putting It All Together
How Radio Works

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